Booth Management

Booth Management Services for Exhibitions in Dubai


One (1) Booth Representative

Corporate Event Management Onsite

Coordinate with the Exhibition before, during, and after the event to ensure successful execution
Represent the Exhibitor and ensure attainment of participation objectives of the Exhibitor.
Manage onsite activities and reception of customers.​
Make a summary of all clients who visited the booth categorizing them by company name, contact person, and requirements.​
Brief the clients about the featured/displayed items and company products.​
Promote the exhibitor and create awareness about the exhibitor’s unique selling points (USPs)​
Provide product demonstration to clients and take clients to virtual tours to highlight company's strong background and exceptional products​
Connect the prospective client to the Exhibitor technical team via virtually if required​
Distribute flyers and brochures of the Exhibitors​


Brochure/flyers printing and distribution ​
Giveaways/souvenir items distribution -items to be provided by exhibitor (optional service)​
Videos to be shown on TV - video, and TV from the exhibitor (optional service)​


Ipad /Laptop​
Sim cards with data​
Adopters, extensions, stationery​
Select Basic


Two (2) Booth Representatives

Corporate Event Management Onsite

Everything in the BASIC package PLUS the following:
Send a thank you Whatsapp message to the booth visitor at the end of each day.​
Go beyond the booth premises and visit other pavilions in order to get more leads from exhibitors, buyers, and visitors. ​
Submit a post-event KPI report​


Brochure and flyer distribution
Giveaways/souvenir items distribution -items to be provided by exhibitor (optional service)
Videos to be shown on TV – video, and TV from the exhibitor (optional service)


Ipad /Laptop
Sim cards with data
Adopters, extensions, stationery
Select Premium

In the UAE, there are lots of big exhibitions from all over the world. With its modern buildings, mix of cultures, and lively atmosphere, it's a popular place for hosting major international events. The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) are famous spots where companies and creative thinkers come together to show off their newest products and ideas to people from all around the world.
When it comes to exhibitions and trade shows, having a well-organized booth is really important. It helps grab people's attention and gets them interested in what you're offering. That's where IsraEmiratesLink comes in. We offer a bunch of Booth Management Services to make sure your booth looks great and runs smoothly.

Here's how we can help:

IsraEmiratesLink is one of the best Event Management Companies in Dubai

Booth Setup and Organization

We handle all aspects of booth setup and organization to create an attractive and functional space. Our services include:

  • Arranging Displays

    Setting up eye-catching displays that highlight your products.

  • Organizing Product Demos

    Ensuring all demonstration areas are properly equipped and ready for action.

  • Creating a Welcoming Environment

    Designing the booth layout to facilitate easy navigation and interaction.

Professional Booth Representatives

Our trained and experienced booth representatives are ready to staff your booth throughout the exhibition. They are skilled in:

  • Meeting and Greeting Visitors

    Creating a welcoming atmosphere and making positive first impressions.

  • Answering Queries

    Providing detailed and accurate information about your products or services.

  • Conducting Product Demonstrations

    Showcasing your products' unique features and benefits effectively.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with visitors is key to a successful exhibition. Our representatives are adept at:

  • Initiating Conversations

    Proactively reaching out to visitors to start meaningful discussions.

  • Understanding Customer Needs

    Asking the right questions to identify customer pain points and interests.

  • Providing Relevant Information

    Sharing insights and details that cater to visitor inquiries.

Product Demonstrations

Effective product demonstrations can significantly impact your exhibition success. We ensure:

  • Compelling Presentations

    Our team delivers engaging and informative demonstrations that captivate your audience.

  • Highlighting Key Features

    Emphasizing the unique aspects and benefits of your products.

  • Encouraging Interaction

    Inviting visitors to try out products and ask questions.

Flyer Distribution and Marketing Material Handling

Maximize your reach with our efficient distribution of marketing materials. Our services include:

  • Flyer and Brochure Distribution

    Ensuring your promotional materials are handed out to the right audience.

  • Managing Inventory

    Keeping track of marketing materials to ensure a constant supply throughout the event.

  • Targeted Distribution

    Focusing on high-traffic areas and interested visitors for maximum impact.

Comprehensive On-Site Management

We provide full on-site management to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes:

  • Real-Time Problem Solving

    Addressing any issues that arise promptly and effectively.

  • Coordinating with Event Organizers

    Ensuring all logistical aspects are aligned with exhibition guidelines.

  • Maintaining Booth Cleanliness

    Keeping your booth tidy and presentable at all times.

Post-Exhibition Support

After the event, we offer support to help you capitalize on the leads and connections made during the exhibition. Our services include:

  • Lead Capture and Reporting

    Providing detailed reports on customer interactions and leads generated.

  • Follow-Up Assistance

    Helping you develop strategies to follow up with potential clients effectively.

With IsraEmiratesLink's Booth Management Services, you can focus on showcasing your products and engaging with potential customers while we handle the rest.

Choose from our carefully crafted packages according to your requirements.