Business License in Dubai with 100% Ownership

Dubai is seen as a prime platform for professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to register for business license in Dubai and to access worldwide markets. With reputable law and a low tax environment, Dubai has shaped itself into both a favorable and economically efficient business hub.

Businesses from all over the world have started establishing their presence in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development of Dubai process has made registering for a business license in Dubai very easy and smooth. There are types of businesses that can commence in the UAE market, and one of them is the mainland or onshore companies.

There are a number of advantages to why you should consider registering for a business license in Dubai. One of the advantages is that business can be conducted locally and in international markets without any restrictions. Also, they can get established in any part of the United Arab Emirates.

Onshore companies can also trade with other businesses directly. Unlike free zone companies, a certain license or certification is needed to conduct business with mainland companies. Dubai mainland companies have the advantage of having large-scale opportunities. However, registering for a business license in Dubai costs vary depending on the type of formation selected.

business license in dubai

Mainland companies in Dubai have a wide range for growth compared to free zone companies. Free zone companies can only operate in a certain field or area. With the open presence in the UAE market, the mainland almost overwhelms Free zone companies when it comes to freedom and growth. The most viable edge of mainland companies is that no minimum capital is required when setting up a business in Dubai.

The electric quota for visa facilities is issued to all mainland companies in UAE. Visa facilities are flexible for mainland companies as it is not subject to any visa limitation. Generally, the e-quota depends on the office space acquired by the main company. The more office space you have, the more visas can be issued to you. If the office size increases, the electric quota can be increased duly by the Ministry of Labour.

For the mainland companies, it can be in different formations or set-up depending on the requirements of your decided business. It can be a limited liability company, a sole establishment company, a civil or professional company, or a subsidiary. Each of these has its own advantages and benefits.

Limited Liability Company or LLC is the most popular type of company formation in Dubai. An LLC can be created by shareholders with a minimum of one and a maximum of 50 shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the business capital.

The government of the UAE now enables numerous enterprises to carry out their business activities without any local sponsorship. Under the new rule, foreign investors can now have 100% ownership of the company.

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