Document Authentication Services

Document Authentication Services in Dubai, UAE

You will likely require document authentication services assistance at one point if you are planning to establish a business in UAE.

The document authentication services process is also known as attestation or document certification. This procedure makes a document valid for use in the United Arab Emirates. Marriage and birth certificates are some examples of the document authentication services. As well as other commercial documents like contracts, invoices or statements of work.

If your documents are not authenticated, you may run into some issues in your time working or living in UAE.

We are here to provide you with the best document authentication services in Dubai and the UAE.

Understanding Document Authentication Services in Dubai

You certainly need assistance on how to authenticate documents in Dubai. For documents to be viewed as valid in UAE, they should be attested by the authorized government body. The process of attestation will be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). It is otherwise known as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC).

The UAE MOFAIC provides document authentication services of all types. It is a procedure that confirms the validity of a signature and seals on documents issued abroad or in the UAE.


The following are some of the documents that may need to be authenticated:

  • Birth certificates

  • Contracts and trade agreements

  • Commercial licenses

  • Commercial contracts and agreements

  • Company Memorandum of Association

  • Certificate of a pledge to open or close a company

  • Commercial register

  • Education certificates such as degrees and diplomas

  • Employment contracts

  • Financial budget approval

  • General and Special Power of Attorney

  • Marriage certificates

  • Medical reports

  • Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting resolutions

  • Passport copies

  • Registration of a new product

  • Registration of a Trademark

Please note that the attested certificates issued by MOFAIC should also be attested in the home country to prove their authenticity.

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Process of Document Authentication Services in UAE

There are three steps in the document authentication process: Notarization, Attestation, and Legalization.

  • The document is presented and viewed by a notary public in the issuing country. Then confirms that they have seen and verified the document as a “true copy” or original copy.

  • The “true copy” that has been notarized will be presented to the Ministry or Department of Foreign Affairs (in the country of origin). This is to attest that the notary stamp is genuine.

  • The notarized and attested copy of the document will be taken to the UAE Embassy. They will legalize or verify that the MOFA stamp is genuine and can be used in the UAE.

  • The document will be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE. The document will be stamped to verify that the UAE Embassy from the issuing country is legitimate. There is a corresponding cost per document for UAE MOFA stamps.

  • The documents can be legally translated to Arabic once the documents are verified and stamped by MOFA. Then will be stamped by the Ministry of Justice to say that the translator is legally authorized.

  • Once all the steps are completed, the document will be ready for use in the UAE.

How can we help you?

Getting necessary documents authenticated in the UAE does not have to be a complicated process. We are here to help you with the whole process to ensure that your documents will be handled correctly. Processing your own documents could take a long time and we know time is worth a great deal to you. With our assistance, you can save time, money and be stress-free.