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Who We Are specializes in providing business solutions to companies in Israel to expand their markets and operations through setting up a business in Dubai or in other jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates. endeavors to provide strong linkages between companies in Israel and the business community in the UAE. Its mission is to serve as a bridge of opportunities for Israeli businesses to connect and expand in the Emirates. has its roots planted in the UAE, from a mother company that has been existing for more than thirty years. has an active branch office in Israel and a strong base in the United Arab Emirates. We are committed to providing you with a business setup in Dubai or in other jurisdictions within the UAE, that is quick, reliable, professional, and cost-effective. business setup consultants operate under the umbrella of

Setting up a business in Dubai -
Setting up a business in Dubai

What We Do

We offer tailor-made solutions to help you start, grow and succeed in your business activities in Dubai. We provide you with one-stop solutions covering end-to-end business setup services in Dubai. Our services ensure seamless and hassle-free processing of your transactions.

As one of the best business setup companies in Dubai, we understand that communication is the greatest tool to achieve any goal. Our team of experts is composed of Hebrew, English, and Arabic-speaking staff. We speak your language through our office in Israel that would ensure your needs are met and understood. Our Dubai office has English and Arabic-speaking professionals that easily connect you to government offices and document processing centres in the UAE.

We provide expert services in the following areas:

Bank Account Opening

VAT Registration and Return Filing

Accounting System

Corporate Tax Registration

Travel Booking Services

Local Sponsor or Service Agent

UAE Business Presence

Document Attestation

PR Management Services

Coworking and Flexi Offices

Hotel Booking

Corporate Events Services


We Speak Your Language

Our multilingual team of skilled professionals ensures that every detail of your requirements is noted, understood, and analyzed. We guide you through every step of the way in securing the most appropriate trade license for your type of business.

Our Prices are Competitive

With, every shekel you pay is worth the service you get. Our competitive pricing allows you to kick-start your business in the UAE without thinking of the high price of consultancy services. Choose from our business license packages available to guarantee a quick, easy and reliable business setup.

We Have A Team of Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals have more than 2 decades of experience in dealing with government transactions and procedures. This expertise will help you set the sail for smooth navigation in the UAE business formation process. We offer free consultation during the initial setup of your business.

We bring our services to you through our dedicated staff from Israel. We do the work for your business setup in Dubai while you are in Israel. You only need to come to the UAE during your residence visa process. So you can save your time, money and efforts while we do the rest for you.

We Take Care of Every Detail Including Your Travel Needs

Planning a trip to the UAE? Allow us to provide assistance.
At, we provide comprehensive services not limited to the parameters of your business. We also provide services for your travel requirements. These include flight tickets, hotel reservations at competitive rates, UAE visa services, and even tours and excursions! Discover the wonders of Dubai as we handle all your business establishment needs!

More Value For Money

IsraEmirates is a one-stop-shop for your business formation in Dubai. With our efficient and reliable service, you save a lot of time and get more value for your money. is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of creating more linkages between Israel and the Emirates.